Sunday 21 April 2019
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Three Management Skills You Must Have to Succeed

Three Management Skills You Must Have to Succeed

Whether you are the owner of a small business or the middle manager of a large corporation, managing people takes special skills. Well, it takes special skills to do it well. Unfortunately, we know all too well that many people in the business of managing teams of people often find the worst way to approach it.

There are some things you can invest is, such as great software tools like the latest Microsoft Dynamics management software programs. But even if you use these to help organize, you still will want to develop these management skills to really shine at team leadership.

Thinking Outside the Box

Most teams have at least one person like this. They think beyond the tried and true and will often be the one to suggest a better approach to an old problem. If you are lucky, it will be you.

But it turns out luck has little to do with this skill. Strategic thinking is a skill that can be learned when you look beyond the day to day. Search for that far horizon in the business, the end result they don’t yet know they want. Then learn to bring that thinking to the team and be ready to use the next skill to make it all work.

Collaboration is Key

Even if you have the best ideas they are nothing if you can’t get everyone else on board. But collaboration does not mean browbeating everyone on the team into following your lead. True collaboration will happen when you consider each member of your team to have value.

Look at their strengths and weaknesses, use them to create something more than just the sum of your team. Most of all, collaboration only happens when you make good use of the skill we will talk about next.

Be the Great Communicator

There is a reason that Ronald Reagan was often referred to as The Great Communicator. While he did indeed make speeches that moved many, he also was good at using language to express ideas.

In business one of the most important skills any team leader will need is the ability to communicate their ideas to their team in such as way that they will feel inspired to act. In this way you can learn a lot from Reagan as he did indeed inspire many, from politicians to the most ordinary of citizens.

The Other Intelligence

While being smart is a big part of succeeding in business, it is the other side of the equation that is equally important. We are talking about having emotional intelligence.

This involves honing your skills at understanding people and being self-aware of your own emotions. Building teams is hard work, but keeping a team together takes the ability to understand them and work well with them. This is where emotional intelligence come into play.

The Importance of Critical Thinking

When your team runs into a problem, are you able to think critically about it? Can you work with the team to help them see it in as many ways as possible?

This skill is vital for problem solving and is one that will move you up the corporate ladder quickly. When you become the person that the boss goes to when a problem is feeling unsolvable, your value rating goes up too.