Wednesday 14 November 2018
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Should You Switch to Standing Desks?

Should You Switch to Standing Desks?

As a business owner or employer, it’s your responsibility to look after your employees’ wellbeing while they’re at work. Of course, you have lots of things to think about when trying to ensure your business remains successful, but you need to make sure your employees feel comfortable if you want them to be productive. In recent years, many companies have gone to great lengths to teach their employees about the value of small exercises to avoid neck pain and having office equipment set up correctly to reduce the risk of eye strain, but there are many studies that show sitting down all day can adversely affect our health.

While it’s now highly recommended to have your employees take a five-minute stroll at least every hour, many experts believe that standing desks may be much healthier than their traditional counterparts. A modern standing desk in NZ can actually keep your employees comfortable for hours at a time without them having to sit down, though it’s still a good idea to provide them with the option of sitting down just in case they start to feel tired. To help you decide whether switching to standing desks is a good idea, this article details some of the health benefits we’re aware of so far.

The Benefits of Standing Desks

Countless studies have uncovered some great health benefits of standing desks. To help you decide whether they’re a smart investment, we’ve listed some of the main benefits below.

  • Standing Desks Assist with Weight Loss

Many office workers simply can’t find the time to head off to the gym or fit a morning jog into their busy schedules, but sitting down at a desk all day is far from good exercise. While we should all make the effort to exercise as much as possible, you can help your employees stay in good shape by providing them with a standing desk. Recent studies have shown that standing desks help people burn an extra 150 calories a day, which could significantly reduce the risk of diseases associated with obesity.

  • Standing Desks Promote Productivity

It may sound bizarre, but there is some evidence to suggest that standing desks improve people’s overall wellbeing and make them more productive. In a 7-week study, 87 percent of participants said they felt increased levels of energy and vigour throughout the day after using a standing desk.

  • Standing Desks Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

The idea that standing is better for your heart than sitting is nothing new. In 1953, a study found that bus conductors who stood up all day faced a smaller risk of dying from heart disease than the bus drivers who constantly sat down.

The Verdict

More research is already underway to help us understand the health benefits of standing desks in more detail, but the evidence so far seems to suggest that standing desks may be the future. If you think that your employees will be happier, healthier and more productive at work, now might be the perfect time to invest in standing desks.