Wednesday 14 November 2018
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How to Select the Best Hand Dryer Models for a Business

How to Select the Best Hand Dryer Models for a Business

Due to bad experiences with commercial hand dryers, many people do not like to use them and prefer to use paper towels in public restrooms. In the past, hand dryers left hands damp when the air shut off, and users sometimes had to turn the dryer on a second time to help get their hands dry. Fortunately, technology has made hand dryers better, so if you want to buy them for your business, here are some tips on getting the best ones for your needs.

Consider Business Volume

When selecting hand dryers for your business, you have to consider the volume of business that you get on a daily basis. Electric hand dryers come in several models, from value to more expensive high-powered models that dry hands quickly. If you run a small business with a moderate volume of daily traffic, then you may be able to get by with purchasing value hand dryer models for the bathrooms. However, larger businesses should consider placing high-powered models in their restrooms that help dry hands in a matter of seconds.

Hands-free Options

You will also find hand dryers that are operated by pressing a button. Or you can purchase hands free models that are turned on when a sensor is triggered. The hands-free models will reduce the transmission of germs from person to person, so they are a good option for businesses with a high volume of traffic. They are also a good option for installing in employee bathrooms in restaurants, so germs are not transmitted to food workers are handling.


Hot or Cold?

While most hand dryers blow hot air to help dry hands, you can buy more energy efficient models that do not have a heating element in them. Although they blow cold air, they can still dry hands quickly and effectively. The advantage of a cold air hand dryer is that it is more energy efficient, so it will help save money if you need to buy several of them for the restrooms in a building.

Size Options

Hand dryers come in a variety of sizes. You can find models that will fit in tight spaces, or you can purchase larger ones that are easier for people to find in a larger public restroom. Even though you may purchase smaller models in order to save space, you don’t have to give up on efficiency, because there are many models with enough power to dry hands in a few seconds. If you need assistance with buying hand dryers for your business, consult the independent hand dryer experts at Electrical Deals Direct.

Many models of hand dryers also offer options like volume control, so you can lower the level of noise that they make. Their efficiency will not be affected by turning down the volume, as the dryer’s wattage will determine the power of the hand dryer. With several models to choose from, you should speak with the company you’re buying them from to get the best models for your business.