Friday 22 June 2018
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7 Great Employee Retention Strategies

7 Great Employee Retention Strategies

Managers often get hesitated when some of their best employees give resignation without knowing the desired cause of it. Managers at this stage have to go through hardships which they may have definitely thought about it. As in today’s world, it is really very hard to find a substitute of a skilled employee. The first thing which the reporting managers should keep in their minds when such things are happening is to have a one-to-one talk with that particular employee. Losing such employees may hamper productivity to a large extent as they have been dealing with such things for years and are also known as the masters of the domain. Keeping all these things in minds below mentioned are some of the best employee engagement strategies that managers must keep in their minds.

Start from the beginning

The employee engagement strategy begins right from day one when you are interviewing a candidate to the day when you are thinking to make that person an employee in your organization. Thus, below mentioned are some of the strategies which a manager must keep in their mind.

  • Make sure you have a positive impact towards your employee right from the first day.
  • Make sure the decisions you make favor most of the employees of the organization.
  • Have counseling with your employees at regular intervals.

Add a touch of adventure and energize your employees at regular interval

All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy. This popular saying is also very true in case of employee retention. Hence, it becomes vital for organizations to break this monotonous work cycle and conduct outdoor employee engagement activities on regular basis. By engaging your employees in adventure sports and outdoor activities, one can be assured of accentuating employee morale and belief in the company. Numerous companies are conducting such outdoor activities for their employees wherein they are exposed to different activities namely, paintball, raft building, water zorbing, glass walk, bumper zorbing, corporate challenge, team building activities, ice breaking games, stress management, creativity, etc. Know the strengths of your employees and assign tasks accordingly as this can help in gaining maximum productivity out of them.

Employees should know the expectations from their managers

They should get to know about the tasks that they are assigned as doing this will entail them to maintain high standards in the organization and thus maintain retention.

Reward your employees

This is one of the important aspects which should be kept in the minds. Below mentioned are some of the ways through which an employee can get rewarded.

  • Give salary hikes as the employee deserves
  • Reward an employee whenever some extra work is performed
  • Payment system should be known in advance

Listen to your employees

One thing which most of the managers often forget is listening to their employees. Some of the effective ways through which this can be done are mentioned below.

  • Take and give feedback to the employees at regular intervals
  • Communication has been established at a regular interval
  • Make sure there is no rumor in the office

Teamwork is always there

An organization cannot run in an effective manner if there is a lack of coordination between the employees. So people need to make sure that they are always working in a team not only to maintain retention but also enhance the productivity of an organization.

Hire a top quality consultant

It is not necessary that an employee is leaving due to some uncertainties in an organization, but there can be several other personal reasons due to which an employee may leave an organization. In such cases, it is always necessitated to hire a consultant who can take regular feedback from the employees.

Keeping all these things in mind will certainly help a manager to be friendlier with their employees.