Saturday 23 June 2018
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5 Ways to Grow Business through Content Marketing

5 Ways to Grow Business through Content Marketing

The importance of content marketing in this new age of semantic and social search cannot be emphasized enough. Effective content marketing tools and techniques will allow you to greatly extend the reach of your marketing message. Your customers will be able to build a connection with your firm when they read content that is addressed to them. This will result in improved conversion rates that will ultimately reflect on the bottom line of the company.

Businesses can leverage content marketing to promote the marketing message among a wider audience. Here are 5 ways that you can be able to grow your business using the content marketing strategy.

1.       Create Specific Goals

You need to create specific goals for your online content marketing campaigns. You should determine the objectives of the content marketing campaign right at the beginning. Do you want to improve the search engine ranking? Is your aim to improve online visibility? Is it more about increased conversion? Is your main goal to retain customers?

Whatever are the goals of your online marketing campaigns, you should write them down. This will help you in crafting an effective campaign that helps you to achieve your marketing objective and grow your business.

2.       Create a Content Marketing Schedule

Another advice for effective content marketing campaign is to create a marketing schedule. Creating a schedule will ensure timely posting of content resulting in maximum effectiveness. This is a simple yet often overlooked measure in ensuring increased effectiveness of the content marketing campaign.

3. Personalize the Message

No content marketing tools and techniques will be effective unless it addresses the customers in a personal manner. Customer trust is a fragile thing. Most people are distrustful of corporations in general given the punishing rise of ‘impersonal’ advertising on the TV. Moreover, impersonal content is boring and seems to be written by a robot. No one would want to read the content from the start to the end.

That’s why it’s imperative that you personalize your content. Try to create a content that evokes basic emotions. Emotional content that touches that pain or pleasure points of the individuals seem more exciting to the readers. It increases the chances of the content being read and shared by a large number of people thereby extending the reach of your business.

4. Create Integrated Brand Message

The content that promotes the brand should echo the same voice as in other marketing mediums. The company should have a single brand personality across different platforms. Also, make sure that every piece of content crafted by the copywriters has a unified theme and adheres to a specific standard. That being said, the message should have a casual and conversational tone to ensure high customer engagement.

5. Publish Case Studies

If your company has done something amazing or outstanding for the client or the community, you should market it through publishing case studies. A case study is simply an account for an event, activity, or problem that pertains to a real world situation. It has a professional and rather informal tone that describes how a company was able to solve the customer’s problem. The case studies are more appropriate for B2B businesses to market their services to other companies.